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MS PATAAS – 5’7″ Twinfin

The manual and construction plans for the first Menuisier Surfboard the MS PATAAS – 5’7″ Twinfin are now available for download. So far they are only available in german (if anybody likes to help with translation we are very happy). In Senegal we chose Samba wood(light) for the board and Dimb wood(strong) for the fins and plugs. You are free to use watever you want though. As it is a wooden surfboard you shouldn’t expect a super light and hight performance board. With our setup we reached a weight of approximately 8kg. But surfing a wooden surfboard is a totally different story anyway. Have fun shaping. We would be happy if you share your shaping experience and photos!

UPDATE: In the manual we mentioned using epoxy for glueing together the planks. After our second stay in Senegal we tried PU-glue which turned out to be a good choice. PU-glue is available from Sika, called Sika-Flex. There is a slight problem with sealing the board with epoxy afterwards though as separations of the epoxy happen where the planks are glued together. A good alternative for sealing the board with epoxy you could choose Lanolin. 

UPDATE 2: Also after our second stay in Senegal we changed the construction by using 3cm planks which are easier to handle. We will soon send out an update with the new templates to everybody who has downloaded the manual already. The manual will still be usable for the new templates, you just need to think a little bit more.

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