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perma-grin from endless stoke

A big thank you goes out to all of you out there supporting our project. WE MADE IT!!!

Due to your generous help we will be able start the next round in our development process. We are especially happy to see that so many people sponsored a surfboard for senegalese surfers. So far the plan is to head back in october this year. We will of course keep you up to date about our scedule and with new footage from the process in progress.

Thanks to: René Bärtsch, Brunella Blu, Julia Büchler, Benjamin Caviezel, Juliette Chrétien, Doris Deflorin, Michael Erdin, Sewan Eroyan, Silvio Franceschini, Markus Freitag, Daniel Freitag, Roger Furger, Erlend Gass, Mira Gisler, Anja Goetz, Raphael Havelka, Georg Hödle, Hermann Hödle, Jürg Hölzle, Marcus Kraft, Suzanne Krizenecky, David Labhart, Lukas Meier, Bernhard Mohr, Frédéric Muller, Julia Neubauer, Mélina Repond, Magali Riom Créatrice, Beatrice Rohrbach, Barbara Rüegger Kunz, Carlo Ruffini, Massimo Sacripanti, Simona Sacripanti, Remo Salvisberg, Thomas Schaffer, Yvonne Scheidegger, Angelika Schneider-Wiebler, Frank Schubert, Prisca Sprecher, Ariane Vischer, Robert Adrian Wettstein, Monika Zadra, Zelia Zadra, Manfred Zähnler.


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